IMVF - It happens

The briefing was to create a piece that would remind Portuguese politicians to fulfil their vow to end poverty in 2015. Because there was very little action from their side, IMFV (a non-profit foundation for development and cooperation) wanted to appeal straight to their heart.

One day I forgot to pick up my daughter from school and I felt terrible about it, the guilt was overwhelming. Inspired by that, we used this concept that if you forget your children and you feel terrible, imagine all the children you are neglecting by not living up to your word and leaving them in hunger and poverty.


Creative Director and Director: Rui Vieira
Copywriter: Miguel Durão
Agency: Fullsix Portugal
Client: IMVF (Instituto Marquês Valle Flor)
Director of photography: André Szankowski
Assistant Director: Sérgio Matos
Score: Shervin Shaeri at Mutant Jukebox
Voice over: Marco Costa
Production company: Krypton
Production Director: Alexandra Ribeiro
Production: Diogo Sereno
Post-production: Light Film

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