McDonald's - Stories with an M

The problem: Most people have the wrong idea of what it is like to work at McDonald's. People think employees are exploited and have no professional future ahead.

The idea:
We created "stories with an M". An online project that features short documentaries that tell the story of people who have value and success in their current professions and have worked at McDonald's in the past."


Client: McDonald's Portugal
Agency: Fullsix Portugal
Creative Director & Director: Rui Vieira
Copywriter: Miguel Durão
Assistant director: João Abreu
DoP: Marianna Yakobson
Camera: Leandro Ferrão
Production: Fullsix Portugal
Account manager: Inês Aguiar Pinto
Production assistant: Carmo Gonçalves
Make-up and Hair: Alexandra Silva
Electrician: Luís Apura
Sound: Jorge Pereira
Original music by Miguel Feraso Cabral