Portuguese Football Federation - Answer back on the pitch

Despite facing constant discrimination in a country where Men's Soccer is king, the Portuguese National Women's Soccer Team made it to the 2017 European Championship for the first time in history. 

They took the criticism, the ignorance, the discrimination and answered back in their own special way.

- This fim was part of a national campaign to inspire young girls to play football
- Portugal was at the 38th position at the national teams world ranking, and they got a place in the best 16 of Europe with the qualification
- In 2017 the number of new athletes at women’s football in Portugal has grown 34%


Creative Director / Director: Rui Vieira
Creative Director: Miguel Durão
DOP: Leandro Ferrão
Production company: Playground
Client: Portuguese Football Federation
Marketing Director: Nuno Moura
Creative Director at FPF: Diogo Parrinha